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The American Legation Museum and Research Centre in Morocco is located in the Medina of Tangier, which was a fortified city decades ago. The beautiful Rue d’Amerique lies close to where the museum is situated. In 1821 the Sultan of Morocco, Moulay Suliman, gave this building as a gift to the United States of America. This was a significant event for the U.S. government as it was one of the first pieces of property the government had ever owned from abroad.

The Museum of Antiquities is located in the village of Chefchaouen, in Tangier, and is found in what used to be the kitchens of the Sultan’s palace, Dar El Makhzen. Surrounding the museum is a beautiful Andalusian garden where visitors can walk and enjoy the peaceful surroundings. There is also a replica of an ancient necropolis, which is a large and elaborate cemetery that was used by ancient cities. The museum contains an array of objects and artifacts that come from Roman sites.

The Museum of Moroccan Art (Dar el Makhzen) is located in the Medina of Tangier. The Museum was formerly a palace that was built in the 17th century for the use of the Governor. You can contact the museum on (212 9) 93 20 97 and it is open from Monday to Wednesday at 08:30 am to 18:00 pm. The Museum of Moroccan Art is situated on beautiful grounds and is located specifically in the prince’s apartments at the palace. These rooms are exquisite and decorated with sculpted plasterwork and mosaics completed in colored marble and glass tile pieces.

Enter through the beautiful Bab Haha gate and wander through the cobbled residential and commercial alleyways of the Kasbah walls. The most enjoyable and least stressful way to see the sites is not by looking for them, but by stumbling across them. In the likely event of getting lost be sure to keep walking uphill and you will be sure to find one of the babs, (doors) that allow you to exit the premises. You will at some point during your stroll come across the famous 17th-century palace, now transformed into a museum and located off the Place du Menchoar.

The Grottoes of Hercules (also known as the Caves of Hercules) are situated 14 km west of the city of Tangier. This cave is a significant tourist attraction – something which often has a lot to do with its association with Greek mythology. Hercules is believed to have slept in these grottoes before attempting one of 12 labors. These 12 labors were given to him by King Eurystheus of Tiryns and took Hercules 12 years to complete. Hercules traveled all over in order to complete these tasks. What were they?

St. Andrews Church: To find an Anglican church in Morocco might sound odd to some, but Tangier is home to a very famous little church and a popular tourist attraction in Tangier named St. Andrews Church. Hassan I of Morocco provided the first strip of land in the year 1880 to the English where they were able to erect an iron church. Soon the church became too small to accommodate the congregation and plans to build a new church were made.