The Agadir Beach
One of the most crowded and a famous beach in Tangier city is The Agadir Beach. The Agadir Beach is the largest one and it occupies almost 10 km. The most attractive venue at the beach is the water sport activities, which offers a various selection of entertainment and fun. There are also other attractive activities as, camel riding, water motors and other tourist attractions, which deserve to be explored. The Agadir Beach is protected by state and all visitors have to follow some strict rules, in order to keep the beach accurate and safe. Due to the massive currents in the Atlantic Ocean, there can be announced danger days, when it is better to avoid the water sports activities and diving. The Agadir Beach in Tangier homes numerous cafes, restaurants, bars, where the guests can enjoy delicious meals and tropical drinks. There is managed a special games area for children, with plenty of game spots, play grounds and entertainment stuff. The Agadir Beach is a nice location for all types of recreation, a romantic trip, family holidays and young joyful students.

The Essaouria Beach is considered the most beautiful white and sandy beach in Tangier. The beach is providing fantastic views to the Atlantic Ocean and to the Gibraltar Straits. The Essaouria Beach is the major surfing spot in Tangier city. The beach is also appreciated for the numerous athletic activities provided. Along The Essaouria Beach lies an incredible sidewalk, which is a perfect place to spend a great evening at the beach. During the day at the beach, the visitors can enjoy the amazing seafood restaurants and the exquisite bars. The beach restaurants provide different and amazing menus, starting with the traditional cuisine and till the modern european dishes. The beach is considered an excellent location for ceremonies, concerts and festivities. The natural landscapes ensemble a woderful ambiance for all kinhs of holidays and recreation.

The Oualidia Beach is placed in the central part of Tangier city and it is listed in the top of the quietest and safe beach holiday resorts in Tangier. The Oualidia Beach is appreciated for the distinctive and rich flora and marine life. The beach is unique due to the abundance of coral reefs. It is also considered a great surfer’s spot, because of the warm breeze over the beach’s shores. The local restaurants offer excellent seafood dishes, cooked from the local lobsters and oysters.